Will I need a new passport photo if my hair is receding or balding?

The American Hair Loss Institution has found that two-thirds of all men will begin to see a change in their luscious locks by the time they reach the age of 35. This might result in baldness or a receding hairline – two things which might drastically change your appearance. The question is: will these cause you to need a new passport photo? After all, your last passport picture might have been taken a good few years beforehand – meaning your hair might have completely transformed between now and then. Let’s look at what you need to know about how this will affect your passport.

Will you need a new picture?

You should be pleased to know that a new picture isn’t necessary as far as the passport office is concerned. The guidelines don’t insist that people get a new photo just because their hair is now noticeably different. You are, therefore, allowed to retain your original picture until it is due to be renewed.

Why is this?

Basically, your hair won’t impact upon the geometric software used by e-gates. This means that the equipment will be able to recognise you if your hair has begun to recede or if you’ve started to go bald. The only major hair-related rule is that it can’t block your eyes on your picture.

So no action is needed?

You’re still welcome to change your passport photo. In fact, some people prefer to do so when they feel like their passport picture is dated. The main benefit of renewing your passport photo wouldn’t just be that you feel like the picture is more representative of your current appearance, but also that it might help you glide through queues quicker in situations where a border official has to check your identity at an airport.

It’s up to you!

If you decide to go ahead and renew your passport photo, then be sure to do so with the help of Paspic. Our team are experts at assessing photos to ensure that they meet the strict guidelines, so be sure to send over your picture when you start your passport application.

Photo: Stripped by mRio licensed under Creative commons 4

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