My passport has missing pages – do I need a new one?

It’s always worth having a good flick through your passport in the weeks and months before you plan to go abroad. One thing that might concern you is whether your pages have begun to come loose or – even worse – if some have already fallen out. The question is, can this cause a problem for you when you try to leave the country? Let’s look at what you need to know.

Does it matter?

You might be under the impression that you’ll be allowed to come and go as you please as long as you’re still identifiable by your passport photo and your details are clear. Unfortunately, it does matter if your passport is missing other pages. Your passport would fall into the category of ‘damaged’ and might no longer be accepted as proof of your identity.

What’s the big problem?

Ultimately, your passport might trigger suspicions that it’s counterfeit. Meanwhile, in other cases, it might indicate that you’ve visited countries that are currently on a travel ban and in the process raise security fears.

What are your options?

You can go down two routes. First of all, you can apply for a replacement passport. This will retain all the same details, as well as your picture. Your second option is to renew your passport. It’s through going down this route that you’ll be able to submit a new passport photo.

What’s the benefit of a new picture?

A more up-to-date photo can improve the speed at which you can pass through border control when entering and leaving different countries. This is because it will show a better likeness of you given that it was taken more recently. In addition, most people appreciate the fact that they’ll be able to modernise the picture to reflect new hairstyles and fashion trends.

We can help

You might want to act quickly in getting a new passport, especially if you have a trip on the horizon. Thankfully, you’ll be able to speed things along by sending your passport picture through to the team at Paspic. We’ll ensure it meets the government’s strict guidelines so that you can submit the photo in confidence that it will be accepted.

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