How to prepare your infant for a passport photo

If you love to travel, then the arrival of a baby should not stop you. It’s only right that you get them a passport and travel together as a family. The thing about passports is that they require a photo and getting your infant to pose can be quite tricky. Here are some tips on how to prepare your baby and make the photo session a success.

Ensure your baby is well rested

If you’re using a professional or visiting a photo booth, the infant passport photo session is bound to tire out your little one so ensure they are well rested before you attempt to take their picture. If they don’t have enough sleep beforehand, they may fall asleep or act out, which would be inconvenient. It is highly recommended that you take your baby’s photo when they are most alert. You probably know what time if they are usually wide awake and that is the perfect time for a photo. 

Have the right documents

Before you acquire a passport for your baby, there are certain preparations you need to make. For starters, you need to have the birth certificate of your child. You also need to know the government requirement for child passport photos before you have one taken.

Prepare your baby appropriately

The background of a child passport photo should be white, which makes it necessary for you to dress them in contrasting colours. Ensure you have toys or other means of distracting your baby in order for them to remain calm throughout the session.  

Supporting the baby

Most parents will tell you how they had to crouch on the ground to hold their baby without being visible. Others will tell you how the baby had to be propped up with objects to keep them from toppling over. These are all good tips to bear in mind to avoid being snapped in your infant’s passport photo.

Passport photo sessions for babies can be more challenging than you think which is why it makes sense to take your photo in the comfort of your own home and use a service such as Paspic. With Paspic you can verify if your photo is approved online without having to suffer delays to your passport application. Why not try it today?

Photo: Bath. by kourtlynlott licensed under Creative commons 6

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