Three tips for avoiding red eye on your passport photo

You’re right to be concerned about having red eye on your passport photo. After all, the rules clearly state that this isn’t allowed – and as such, your passport picture can be rejected if there’s even the slightest flicker of red. This is because the photo wouldn’t be able to represent your natural eye colour and, as such, raises a question mark over your identity. So how can you avoid red eye on your passport photo? The following tips should help.

Remove the flash

Your camera’s flash can have its benefits when taking a passport photo. However, it’s the leading cause of red eye. The cause of your red eye is actually down to the blood behind your retina, which comes into focus when using the flash. This effect shouldn’t happen when the flash is off.

Use anti-red eye

The modern day passport process means that you can take pictures from the comfort of your own home and with your own devices. Due to this, it might be worth checking whether your camera has an anti-red eye function. This would allow you to retain the benefits of the flash while avoiding red eye in the process.

Don’t drink beforehand

You might find yourself with a sudden motivation to take your passport photo after you’ve been enjoying a few drinks. After all, what harm could it do? Well, alcohol has actually been found to bring on red eye because your pupils don’t close fast enough when you’re intoxicated and too much light is allowed in. Therefore, avoid the booze.

Brighten things up

Your pupils become more dilated in dark environments, which in turn brings on the red eye effect. As a result, you might find that it works to your advantage to turn on additional lights or move to an area where there is more lighting before taking your passport photo.

Let us help

Red eye is just one of the many factors that can cause your passport picture to be rejected. If you’re eager to complete the process first time without any delays, then be sure to send your passport photo through to the team at Papsic. We’ll ensure it thoroughly meets the guidelines before giving you the all-clear to submit it along with your passport application.

Photo: Eye C U by MSVG licensed under Creative commons 4

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